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After registering with Popcornfundraising, you will receive seller brochures and be ready to begin selling Popcornopolis® delicious popcorn products. Your sellers collect orders and payment. At the end, you place one simple order and deliver to your customers.

Taste and

From the very beginning, Popcornopolis® has used only the finest ingredients, their own original recipes and small-batch cooking processes. Their popular Caramel and famous Zebra® popcorn, with stripes of white and dark confectioner's chocolate, put Popcornopolis® on the map, and their dedication to taste and quality will ensure your supporters come back year after year.

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At Popcornfundraising, we believe that fundraising should be easy, profitable, and
delicious! Just click the button below to get started. Once you complete the short
registration form, you'll receive an email confirmation and additional information
regarding your brochures. We've taken the pain out of the process so you can get
started quickly.

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Once you register and before your start date, you will receive brochures to distribute to
your sellers. Request at least 1-2 brochures per seller, and they'll arrive within 5-7 business
days. While our beloved popcorn is easy to sell, you will want to make sure you promote
your fundraiser and get your sellers as excited as possible. So, share information about
your fundraiser on your organization's site, send emails to your community, and post
on social media.

Earn 50% of Sales

Once you get to the end of your fundraiser, collect all your sellers' order forms, your
tax exempt ID number, and place one order to Popcornfundraising. You will only pay
half of the amount you collected. The other half of the funds is yours to keep! Pretty
cool, right? When you receive your shipment, you'll distribute the orders to your sellers
for delivery to their customers. What a wonderfully tasty and profitable experience.

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